Protesters Obstruct World Trade Center Entrance, Chant 'Allahu Akbar', Disrupt Christmas Celebrations in NYC and DC

Biden Administration Sees Record Number of Illegal Immigrants as Critics Call for Tougher Policies and More Funding

Maine GOP Representative Announces Intent to Impeach Secretary of State Over Trump Ballot Disqualification

Former Naval Commander Dong Jun Appointed New Defense Minister Amidst Uncertainty Surrounding Predecessor's Fate

Former Pro-Independence Leader Tony Chung Fears Surveillance, Seeks Asylum in UK

Chinese Surveillance Balloon Traverses U.S. Skies, Transmits Data to China Through American ISP

Russia Launches Massive Aerial Assault on Ukraine, Killing At Least 18, Injuring 86

Phoenix Endures Record-Breaking Heat with Initiatives and Proposals Underway to Help Residents

Hawaii Wildfire Update: Missing Persons Number Drops, Aid Increases

Impasse in Hunter Biden Plea Negotiations: Trial Possibly Ahead

Proposal to Raise Threshold for Constitutional Changes Rejected by Ohio Voters

Nancy Pelosi Announces Bid for Congressional Reelection in 2024

Biden Administration and Mifepristone Manufacturer Appeal for Supreme Court Reconsideration of 5th Circuit Ruling

Donald Trump to Face Civil Fraud Trial in NY That Could Disrupt His Business Operations

Georgia Racketeering Case Against Trump and Allies May Be Moved to Federal Court

Ukrainian President Dismisses Military Recruitment Heads Amid Corruption Allegations

Hunter Biden's Plea Deal Questioned by Judge, Congressional Investigations Continue

Trump's Legal Team Object to Proposed Protective Order in Election Conspiracy Case

Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss Appointed Special Counsel in Hunter Biden Investigation

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin Considers Leaving Democratic Party and Possible Independent Presidential Run

Ohio Voters Reject Ballot Measure for 60 Percent Supermajority Amendment Rule

Proposed Jan. 2 Trial for Donald Trump Could Impact His Participation in Iowa Caucuses

American Nurse and Daughter Safely Released After Kidnapping in Haiti

White House to Limit US Investments in China's Sensitive Tech Sector

Senator Feinstein Launches Legal Effort for Control of Late Husband's Trust

Special Counsel Calls for Rejection of Postponement Request in Trump Trial, Challenges Defense's Arguments

Labor Department Updates Davis-Bacon Act; Expected to Benefit Over 1 Million Construction Workers

Tensions Escalate in Ukraine: Ambassador to U.K. Dismissed, Missile Strikes Continue, and Black Sea Trade Disrupts Food Supply

Mike Pence Meets Requirements for First 2024 Republican Primary Debate; Other Candidates Follow Suit

Detention of Civilians and Attacks Intensify Amid Ukraine-Russia Conflict

Ohio Special Election: Issue 1 Proposes Higher Threshold for Constitutional Changes Amidst Abortion Rights Debate

Russia Withdraws from Black Sea Grain Initiative, Triggering Rise in Grain Prices

Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny Convicted of Extremism, Sentenced to 19 Years

Endangered Species Act Under Scrutiny After 50 Years of Operation

Trump Continues To Lead 2024 GOP Bid Despite Criminal Charges; Receives Criticism and Pardon Pledges

Federal Judge Dismisses Trump's Defamation Lawsuit Against CNN

Ukraine Escalates Conflict with Drone Attacks on Russia, Secure Communications for Ukraine Approved by Pentagon

ECOWAS Bloc Threatens Intervention in Niger Amid Recent Coup

Texas House Votes for Impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton Amid Support from Conservative PACs

Odesa Cathedral Hit Amid Russian Strikes; Ukraine's Rockstar turns Soldier

Investigation Underway into Trump's Contrasting Remarks on US Election Security

President Biden Appoints Shuwanza Goff as Director of Legislative Affairs

Biden Administration Files Lawsuit Against Texas Governor Over State's Buoy Barrier

Israeli Lawmakers Vote to Restrict Supreme Court's Power Despite Civil Unrest and International Criticism

Connecticut State Rep. Maryam Khan Attacked Outside Muslim Prayer Service, Suspect Held On $250,000 Bond

Acting Labor Secretary, Julie Su, Could Remain in Role Without Senate Approval Due to Existing Law

Collapse Of Russia-Ukraine Grain Deal Escalates Global Food Price Surge

AI Companies Make Voluntary Commitments to White House to Implement Safety Measures

Michael Cohen and Trump Organization Expected to Settle Legal Fees Dispute

Wagner Group Leader Prigozhin Leaves Russia for Belarus; Charges Dropped and Troops to Leave Moscow

Russia Resumes Blockade of Ukrainian Food Ships, Warns Against Navigation in Black Sea

North Korea Conducts Longest Missile Test Flight, Breaching UN Resolutions

Justice Department Preparing Potential Indictment of Donald Trump Over 2020 Election Activities

House Passes Resolution Rejecting Label of Israel as a 'Racist and Apartheid State', Amidst Contrary Opinions

Former President Trump May Be a Target in Investigation into Capitol Siege and Election Overturn Efforts

Michigan Republicans Face Felony Charges for Falsely Claiming Trump's Victory in 2020 Election

New York City Appoints First Latino Police Commissioner, Edward Caban

Senate Nomination Delays Impact National Security, Says U.S. Secretary of State

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Makes Significant Strides in Democratic Primary

Iowa Judge Temporarily Blocks State's New Ban on Early Abortions

Robert Kennedy Jr. Clarifies Comments on Ethnically Targeted Bioweapons and COVID-19

Supreme Court Rejects Biden's Plan to Cancel $20,000 in Federal Student Loans

Biden attends NATO Summit While Facing Economic Approval Challenges at Home

Historic Flooding in Vermont Leads to Federal Aid and Community Support

Trump critizes DeSantis' stance on ethanol, details diverging positions

Secret Service Ends Investigation into Cocaine Found at White House

New Abortion Law in Iowa Signed into Effect: Most Abortions Banned After Six Weeks of Pregnancy

House Passes Defense Bill with 5.2% Pay Raise and Additional Provisions

Biden Administration to Cancel $39 Billion in Student Debt for More Than 804,000 Borrowers

New York City to Restrict Emissions from Coal- and Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens; Raises Questions on Carbon Footprint

FBI Director Christopher Wray Defends Agency's Performance Amid Accusations of Political Bias at House Judiciary Committee Hearing

Russian General Popov Dismissed Over Criticism of Military Leadership

Mike Pence Discusses Republican Future and His Potential Presidential Run

FBI Director Defends Agency Amid Criticisms Over Illegit Surveillance and First Amendment Violations

Missing San Diego Teenager Found at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base

US Marine Corps Without Confirmed Leader for First Time in 150 Years due to Nomination Stalling

Kansas Judge Temporarily Blocks Gender Changes on Driver's Licenses Amid Lawsuit

Chicago Sees Decline in 2023 Homicides Following Recent Spike, Austin Records Highest Numbers

21-Year-Old Secaucus Man Charged for Paying Minor for Explicit Images

Texas State Senator Roland Gutierrez Joins Race Against Ted Cruz

No Clear Timeline for Ukraine's NATO Membership at Upcoming Summit Amidst Ongoing Conflict

Yevgeny V. Prigozhin: From Caterer to Influence Figure in Wartime Russia

78 Individuals Charged Across 16 States in $2.5 Billion Health Care Fraud and Opioid Abuse Schemes

Trump and DeSantis Tied in Wisconsin's GOP Primary, Biden Leading in Head-to-Head Polls: Marquette Law School Survey

IDF and Border Police Thwart Major Drug Smuggling Attempt from Egypt

Ivanka Trump Dismissed from Fraud Lawsuit Against The Trump Organization

DeSantis, Trump Intensify Rivalry at Separate New Hampshire Events

Belarus' Lukashenko Claims Wagner Group Drops Demand for Russian Defense Heads' Dismissal; Further Advance Towards Moscow Halted

U.S. Supreme Court Rules Against Unbounded State Legislatures' Power in Federal Elections

Supreme Court Dismisses 'Independent State Legislature' Theory

Judge Orders Names of Guarantors for Congressman George Santos' Bail to be Revealed

Youth-led Climate Trial Concludes in Montana, Awaiting Decision

Tentative Trial Date Set for Donald Trump in Classified Documents Case

Pentagon Overestimates Value of Weapons Sent to Ukraine by $6.2 Billion Due to Accounting Error

Senate Confirms Julie Rikelman to 1st Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals

New Comprehensive Study on Homelessness in California Provides Insights and Policy Recommendations

Three men convicted for participating in China's 'Operation Fox Hunt' targeting dissidents in the U.S.

Hunter Biden to Plead Guilty to Tax Crimes and Enter Gun Charge Diversion Program

Jewish Settlers Construct Religious School in West Bank Amid Growing Tensions and Violence

One Dead, 20 Injured in Shooting at Juneteenth Celebration in Willowbrook, Illinois