Russia Launches Massive Aerial Assault on Ukraine, Killing At Least 18, Injuring 86

Ukrainian President Dismisses Military Recruitment Heads Amid Corruption Allegations

White House to Limit US Investments in China's Sensitive Tech Sector

Tensions Escalate in Ukraine: Ambassador to U.K. Dismissed, Missile Strikes Continue, and Black Sea Trade Disrupts Food Supply

Detention of Civilians and Attacks Intensify Amid Ukraine-Russia Conflict

US Navy Sailors Arrested on Charges of Spying for China

Ukraine Escalates Conflict with Drone Attacks on Russia, Secure Communications for Ukraine Approved by Pentagon

ECOWAS Bloc Threatens Intervention in Niger Amid Recent Coup

Odesa Cathedral Hit Amid Russian Strikes; Ukraine's Rockstar turns Soldier

Collapse Of Russia-Ukraine Grain Deal Escalates Global Food Price Surge

Wagner Group Leader Prigozhin Leaves Russia for Belarus; Charges Dropped and Troops to Leave Moscow

Russia Resumes Blockade of Ukrainian Food Ships, Warns Against Navigation in Black Sea

North Korea Conducts Longest Missile Test Flight, Breaching UN Resolutions

Senate Nomination Delays Impact National Security, Says U.S. Secretary of State

Biden attends NATO Summit While Facing Economic Approval Challenges at Home

House Passes Defense Bill with 5.2% Pay Raise and Additional Provisions

Russian General Popov Dismissed Over Criticism of Military Leadership